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" finding ourselves enslaved in a purposeless world,
living a life of purpose is our only means of rebellion "

- Shaun Shane

Shaun Shane and the Ethic of Poetry

Shaun Shane , the extremely private Shaun Shane is held by many to be the Contemporary Era's most important poet as well as it's most singular poetic genius, and yet, Shane is frequently referred to as the UnPoet for his rejection of Poetry as meaningful and important. Shane writes " Poetry is a secondary relationship to existence. It is a symbolic engagement to living and not living itself. A Poem is not a kiss or falling in the snow, it is the thought of a kiss or falling in the snow. A Poem gets it's meaning from the things and events it stands in place of and therefore has no meaning itself. It's function is to guide someone to the beauty and inter-connectivity of properties and entities in the world, which stand apart in the world without the need of Poetry to revel them. And hence, one should cultivate the existent participation with these truths and experience of beauty directly without the intercession of abstractual metaphor."See More

Shaun Shane Biography

Shaun Shane (a pseudonym real name unknown). There have been few men whose work is so well known and as highly acclaimed and yet whose personal life is as shrouded in mystery as that of Shaun Shane in the History of Poetry. Shane's career first began in the early 80's, publishing in small presses and doing famously standing room only readings while, it is rumored, he still was a Philosophy Major at Yale. When his work quickly came to the attention of the Literary Critic and host of the Public Radio Program, Poetry In Our Time, Harvey Alexander. Who, so struck with Shane's work, began to feature it prominently on his radio program. The iconic filmmaker John Waters,(Wikipedia) a close friend of Alexander's, greatly impressed with Shane's work, as well, arranged a meeting between the two which was to become the beginning of a longstanding friendship, with Shane even playing the lead in a Black & White short of Waters. See More

Shaun Shane : The Poems

From Poemhunter.com

If only
our tongues
were made
of glass

how much
more careful
we would be
when we

- Shaun Shane

If only our tongues were made of glass how much more careful we would be when we speak
- Shaun Shane
04 tongues made of glass (poemhunter)

If only our tongues were made of glass

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